In what seems like a lifetime ago, Butch Springer was growing up on his family’s farm, busy forging his character and being shaped into the man (and the professional) he would become. Through plenty of blood, sweat and tears, he helped build a virtual dynasty of prize-winning show horses. The Springer family name is still synonymous with the words Champion American Quarter Horses.


A Championship Perspective
These days, Butch is a respected commercial real estate professional who has long retired from the world of competitive show horses. When Butch looks at the rows and rows of blue ribbons and trophies, he doesn’t focus on the accolades, but rather, on the perspective they have brought him.

A Perspective Built on Hard Work
“I don’t see awards,” Butch explains. “I see hours and hours of hard work, riding horseback in brutal cold and sweltering heat. Every time we’d bring a new horse in, I’d have to patiently saddle break that horse. I’d clean stalls, water and feed the animals. It was grueling work.”

The Springer family bonded together through their shared pursuit of excellence and the hard work that went into that pursuit. They knew each had the other’s back, and each member’s commitment to upholding the family’s name and reputation ran deep and was never questioned.

Lifelong Philosophy
That’s the fitting backdrop that propelled Butch to the top of his field as one of the Atlanta area’s most respected and leading commercial real estate professionals. And indeed, the values and hard work ethic that were instilled in him on the farm are exactly what has built his reputation and earned the many referrals from appreciative investors, land holders and investment property owners.

Years of Experience
For nearly a quarter century, Butch has been a leader in Atlanta area real estate. His innate pursuit of excellence that is part of his DNA is what helps him set the bar in virtually every facet of the industry. With all those years of experience, combined with his CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) Designation, Butch brings a level of knowledge and experience that few can match.
The Right Perspective...Yours!
But if you drill down deeper, the key to Butch’s incredible success goes beyond the knowledge and experience. What clients appreciate more than that is his integrity, his commitment to their best interests and his ability to always put himself in their shoes and manage the transaction from their perspective. He treats every transaction as if it were his investment and he’s protecting his own financial well being.

Reputation is Everything.
“My reputation is my most important asset,” Butch says. “I protect that by being a man of my word and doing whatever it takes to bring success to my clients.” For Butch, that starts with carefully listening to his client’s goals and gathering all the data and research they need to make sound investment decisions. Butch also has the ability to see the playing field from so many different perspectives, and that helps him educate his clients on all the options (and possible downsides) and how each option affects their bottom line.

The Right Professional
Whether you are first time investor, a seasoned buyer of commercial properties wishing to build on an existing portfolio, or an investment property owner looking to cash out or conduct a 1031 Deferred Tax Exchange, Butch is the right professional for you. From land, retail and investment sales, Butch’s expertise is a decisive advantage.

From the moment you first shake his hand, you know you are working with a seasoned and knowledgeable professional, a man of integrity. Butch Springer brings the right perspective to your commercial investment goals. Call him today for a no-obligation and confidential consultation.

Butch Ranks Among the Top 6 Percent of Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Having earned the prestigious CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) Designation, Butch is part of an elite corps of professionals throughout North America who bring the right “credentials” to help you with your important investment goals. Only 6% of the approximately 125,000 commercial real estate practitioners nationwide hold the CCIM designation. It is one of the most coveted and respected designations in the industry.


Butch Understands the Investor’s Mindset

An investor himself, Butch is passionate about sharing his wisdom with others and helping them create a game plan to fit their investment goals. Whether that means conducting a complex 1031 exchange or assisting a young family in saving for their kids’ college tuition, Butch approaches each challenge with sound strategies and with a sense of enthusiasm. Helping people build true wealth through real estate is Butch’s passion.